Bob Zoeller: Palanca Coordinator for Upcoming Weekends
Bob Zoeller has agreed to coordinate palanca for the upcoming weekends. You can contact him for information at Please continue praying for the candidates!

Action Items

Volunteers Needed. Get Involved.
Men’s Homeless Shelter, Fighting Abortion, Breast Cancer Web Site, Palanca First, Group Registration

Group Registration – Contact AliceAnn Coon at or call 704-540-8696 to register your group or seek help in finding a group.  She is actively attempting to identify active groups and Cursillistas in need of a group.

Men’s Homeless Shelter – Volunteers needed to assist w/various projects. Start the projects whenever you are ready. Volunteers call Tom Ellis @ Office – 704-846-9619, Fax – 704-846-9618, or e-mail –

Fighting Abortion – We need to people to fight abortion. There are 3 abortion mills in Charlotte.  Volunteers are needed on Sat. mornings to do sidewalk counseling to give girls a chance to keep their baby.  Contact Dr. Danny Holland, 704-795-9086 to help.

Breast Cancer site – click on “donating a mammogram” for free.  The advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammograms in exchange for advertising. GO TO:

Check out the Cursillo website –  .
Candidate applications are on the website.

Warren Grasheim is in search of men interested in grouping @ night.  Contact him @; Join a new Men’s group meeting at the Stonecrest Chick-fil-a at 8 a.m. on Saturday (Monte Coon, Dan Bartlett, Jim Kirschner or Joe Falsone for info).

Palanca First”–perform Palanca the first day of each month in support of the movement, especially in our diocese.

God Bless All for everything you do. DeColores — Butch Mayer – (704) 845-9858



Book, Music & Movie Reviews

1 The Summa Theologica

OK.  First let me say that I haven’t read the whole thing, cover to cover.  With more than 3,000 pages in the five volumes that I have I may never achieve that.  The Summa is Formation on Steroids.

Now that that’s out of the way…St. Thomas’ Summa is a fantastic resource for understanding the philosophy that drives the Church’s theology.  The format lends itself easily to looking through the book, finding an interesting question, reviewing the objections, and getting the answer.  I tend to look at them in the evening before turning in for the night because I can read about one or two interesting topics by opening any volume at random.  Aquinas addresses everything from the nature of God to specific questions about man’s final end.  I have enough difficulty putting my thoughts together for a review; how he accomplished his work is a miracle in itself.

As fun as it is to read, however, many times I run across words or concepts that are recognizably English, but treated in a dialect (philosophical) that is foreign to me.  I’ve taken to asking our parochial vicar for help with these questions.  That in itself is an education worthy of the price of the books.

One thing that the modern reader will probably miss is and index or concordance for the Summa.  That is why I’ve linked this article to the Summa Concordance on the web.  Put in a word like “fear” and receive a list of all questions/articles in the Summa related to that topic from the translation.

Want your own copy?  Go to (a local Cursillista) and place an order.  Otherwise, use the link above or go to to browse online.


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